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Accelerate your project's success

Why choose Sprint?

We unlock the power of AI-driven, high-impact video campaigns with our Sprint model. Tailored for brands seeking swift, expert execution, we offer a fully serviced approach from strategy design to creation and deployment.

Fully serviced video campaigns

Receive end-to-end support for your video campaigns, with our dedicated team managing every aspect of the project.

Conception, creation & deployment

We oversee every step from concept to distribution, ensuring your message resonates closely with your target audience.

Reporting & analysis

We provide you with detailed campaign and video performance reports to help refine your strategy for future endeavors.

Ideal for singular projects


Perfect for projects demanding scale of video output with swift, expert execution. Whether you're launching a new product, promoting an event, or delivering crucial messages, our Sprint model ensures timely and precise campaign delivery.


Our Sprint model suits diverse brands needing multiple fast, compliant videos. Regardless of your industry or project needs, Binumi's Sprint model is your one-stop shop for video, delivering timely results.