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Elevate your team's capabilities

Why choose Team Extension?

We utilise the Team Extension model to seamlessly integrate your in-house team with our unparalleled video creation and media expertise. Access cutting-edge AI technology, strategic guidance, and creative support.

Access to experts

Gain access to a team of strategic and creative experts who will work closely with our team to deliver exceptional results whenever you need them.

Collaborative tools

Your team has access to our collaborative platform to streamline communication and workflow, ensuring seamless integration with your existing processes and powering output.

Skills development

We are dedicated to up-skilling our teams to become video storytellers and stay ahead in the digital media landscape and adapt to evolving industry trends.

Enhanced productivity


By leveraging Binumi's expertise and resources, your team can focus on core tasks and projects, leading to increased productivity and efficiency.

Quality assurance


With access to cutting-edge AI technology and creative support, we can ensure the highest quality standards in your video content, enhancing brand credibility and reputation.

Cost-effective solution


Our Team Extension model offers a cost-effective solution compared to hiring additional in-house resources or outsourcing video production to multiple vendors.